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Don’t waste time you could be using with the family, on cleaning. The professional cleaning team here at Best Cleaning Melbourne will take care of the household chores so you can sit back, and enjoy a thoroughly cleaned home.

The cleaning services we provide are reliable, thorough and personalized to the needs of your home. We are happy to fulfill every request and aim to exceed your expectations to ensure you are pleased with the results.

We provide cleaning services that are available for a variety of schedules, whether it’s weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or even a one-time cleaning. Each visit, our team of professional cleaners will thoroughly dust and vacuum every room. We take full advantage of our state of the art equipment and cleaning formulas. Our team will clean your home top to bottom, ensuring no detail is overlooked.


We know every home is unique in its cleaning needs. Best Cleaning Melbourne services are completely customizable to your personal needs and requirements. Home consultations will allow us to understand each of your needs and expectations when it comes to using our team of cleaners. It’s this discovery process that will allow you to provide us will any special housekeeping instructions you may have for our team. Whether you want a scheduled housekeeping service, or a one-time cleaning, Best Cleaning Melbourne cleaning services will ensure you can take pride in coming back to clean, fresh home.
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Floor Cleaning

For those with small children or pets, having especially clean floor can be important. Our floor cleaning services keep that in mind. For all wood and tile floors, our staff will sweep and mop using disinfecting products. Carpets will be thoroughly vacuumed to ensure your home looks clean from top to bottom. We have a variety of chemical, or green cleaning products we can use to clean your floors to your satisfaction, while keeping the health of your family in mind.

Spring Cleaning

We can help you tackle large, one time cleaning projects. In addition to our scheduled services, we also provide one time, deep cleaning and disinfection of your home. This is perfect for spring cleaning, or special occasions. Our professional team of cleaners will work with you to create a cleaning plan, and then will come by and completely clean your home before the big event. Don’t waste time cleaning cabinets when you’ve got so many other things to do.

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning

Keeping germs and dangerous bacteria from coming into contact with your family is important. While many other companies are jumping on the natural cleaning bandwagon by using products labeled “natural”, we know it takes more than a label to be green. We won’t label just any old bottle of bleach “eco friendly” simply because it’s in a recycled bottle. 

Best Cleaning Melbourne takes pride in providing safe and germ free homes for our clients; this most often comes with the use of chemical-free cleaners. We know that chemical based products are not always the best product to use in some homes, and that’s why we offer our natural cleaning substitutes. 

Our professionals will clean according to your preferences. We can clean your house using only natural cleaning products, or we can alternate use of chemical disinfectants and green house cleaners. For example, this could mean using disinfectants in your bathroom during a weekly cleaning service, or rotating the use of chemical cleaners and the natural products in any room of your home.
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Kitchens tend to be a high traffic area of many homes. This means that they require special attention to properly clean and disinfect them. Our kitchen-cleaning experts know how to thoroughly shine, disinfect and clean every surface available in your kitchen.

Once the room has been dusted, our professionals will take care of cleaning appliance surfaces, stove, range hoods and knobs. Any splatters inside of your microwave will be removed, including the ones on the turn table. We will then clean and sanitize countertops, cupboard fronts, and any tables and chairs in the room.

Best Cleaning Melbourne staff will shine every surface, sweep and mop floors, and make sure your kitchen is thoroughly cleaned and fresh smelling by the time we leave your home. As a final touch, our cleaners will empty trash cans and straighten the linens.


Thousands of customers call upon Best Cleaning Melbourne professional cleaners to thoroughly disinfect and clean bathrooms. The routine residential bathroom cleaning services we provide begins with removing rugs and excess hair from the floors. Once any cobwebs have been removed, and the dusting has been completed. 

Our house keeping staff will thoroughly clean and disinfect your shower and bathtub. Our cleaners will also remove any built up hard water or soap residue.

The cleaner will then wash and shine all mirrors and chrome fixtures as well as any tile in the bathroom. Finally, we will clean your vanity, toilets and sinks before sweeping and mopping floors and emptying any trash bins in the room.


When you hire Best Cleaning Melbourne window cleaning professionals, it may be surprising to see just how bright and sunny your house is once we’ve cleaned your windows. Our fully trained and experienced cleaners will clean your windows inside and out until they’re sparkly clean.

Cleaning Experts Melbourne

No matter what the task is, Best Cleaning Melbourne can provide excellent all-over-cleaning at an affordable rate for you. Don’t waste any more time cleaning your home when you could be spending it with your family, give us a call today!
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