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In every industry there is a range of costs for services and a range of quality of work from one contractor to another. House cleaning costs are no different, there are variances in price and quality of service. At Best Cleaning Melbourne we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver quality cleaning at affordable prices. Additionally, our cheap house cleaning quotes come closer to actual costs than any other cleaning company operating in the greater Melbourne area.

Why Choose Us

Best Cleaning Melbourne was voted NUMBER ONE house cleaning company by customer survey for a variety of reasons. The most common seven reasons customers cited to make House Cleaning Melbourne the top company in the greater Melbourne metropolitan area are as follows:

Quality – When we clean it – it is spotless
Timely – We are there when scheduled
Affordability – Best value for your cleaning dollar
Transparency – No hidden charges
Courtesy – We have the nicest employees
Insured – All employees are bonded and insured for your protection
Accurate Quotes – Our quotes have the lowest deviation from actual house cleaning cost of any company in the industry.
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Comparing Cheap House Cleaning with Best Value

When you are shopping for cheap house cleaning there are two things that would be good to keep in mind. First, the quote you get from any of our competitors will most likely have more deviation from the actual house cleaning costs.  

Secondly, Best Cleaning Melbourne guarantees that we clean things as clean to be as they can possibly be with the type of cleaning you selected. If you choose to contract with a company that offers you CHEAP house cleaning; be prepared that your actual costs will likely be higher and the quality of cleaning my be lacking. Ultimately, the cheapest may not be the best value, especially if you have to repeat the process to really get things clean.

If you want:

• Courtesy displayed by all any employees you contact.
• Protection from mishaps, accidents and theft
• Cheap house cleaning that is in line with industry standards with a variety of discounts available.
• Accurate Quotes within tens of dollars.
• Expert Cleaning Crews trained beyond industry requirements.
• FAST and EASY Quotes both telephone and walk through quotes available now.
• No Hidden costs; everything will be discussed ahead of time.
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Cleaning Experts Melbourne

Best Cleaning Melbourne is a locally owned and operated cleaning service contractor servicing the greater Melbourne area for over 25 years. 

Best Cleaning Melbourne works closely with a wide variety of landlords and property managers and over the years, we’ve learned what landlords need and want. If you are a landlord, tenant or an individual that just needs to get things cleaned up, we bring our full bank of knowledge, techniques and skills with us to your home or business.

Call the NUMBER ONE House Cleaning Contractor in Melbourne or surrounding areas for your next cleaning project, large or small. You won’t be disappointed!
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